Achieve more for less with Learning Plus

With Learning Plus you can train and assess large volumes of employees with ease and no paperwork, saving up to 60% of training time and cost compared to traditional methods

Improve productivity

Learning Plus is the ideal way to increase employee productivity through better communication and understanding.

CIEH endorsed

Learning Plus is fully endorsed and approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

Prove compliance

Export reports on the compliance of your workforce at the click of a button in your online account

Reduce training time and costs with Learning Plus

Faster and more cost-efficient than other training delivery methods, Learning Plus will help you reduce the amount of time your workforce spends training, without compromising the quality of training

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Why Choose Us

  • Reduce production downtime
  • Instant certificates
  • Paperless online account
  • Centralised reporting
  • User friendly

What Clients Say

“I would say we save 40 per cent of that time with Learning Plus, we shave two hours off a five-hour course, which is good for delegates who don’t want to be in a classroom all day but want to get trained and feel good about knowing instantly that they have passed.”
Group HR Director, Leading UK food manufacturer
“The keypad system allows us to train large groups of staff with the control of ensuring that they clearly understand the training and recorded results. The Respond Point module allows us to upload our current training packages whilst also making these sessions a lot more interactive and engaging for our staff.”
Training Manager, Leading UK seafood provider
“I was using a manual approach to food safety, health and safety, risk assessments and induction training, with courses taking up to eight hours to complete which was extremely costly and time consuming. Learning Plus has made my working life easier, I can train many employees quickly and at my own pace and I can receive certificates instantly upon completion of the training.”
Training Manager, Global bakery products provider
“We believe that Learning Plus gives us the ability and flexibility to ensure our workforce has the correct skill level to produce quality seafood at the lowest cost while also allowing us to prove compliance at the click of a button.”
Training Manager, Leading UK seafood provider
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