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Leadership, Management, Productivity and Team Work
Support the performance of teams, managers and leaders with this collection of online courses that can be taken individually or combined into packages tailored to your organisational needs. Managers are under ever increasing pressure to make sure operations run smoothly, while playing an essential role in staff retention, engagement and training. Often required to act as intermediaries, their communication skills, technical knowledge and decision making skills are scrutinised in all industries and sectors. These courses are suitable for any and all environments where successful outcomes depend on the performance of effective leaders, managers and their teams.
Working Safely in Construction Environments
The 100% online courses below include ROSPA endorsed, best practice, accredited and certified essential knowledge staff and businesses in the construction industry need to maintain exemplary health and safety standards and nurture the skills needed to thrive in this demanding and dynamic sector. Mandatory for CSCS (Green) Card applicants, we have the AIM Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in Construction Environments, plus a combined CSCS (Green) Card package which enables LearningPlus learners to complete all relevant examinations and certifications needed to begin working on site as safely as possible. Applicable to building sites, infrastructure projects, engineering works and many other settings where heavy plant, electrical risks, manual handling, working at heights or with hazardous materials, and more, are required, these courses will protect employees and members of the public alike. Employees should understand which Personal Protective Equipment Health and Safety Laws entitle them to be supplied with, and when to use these items such as hard hats, High Visibility clothing and ear defenders. Along with musculoskeletal problems, hearing loss is one of the most common health and safety related impacts construction workers experience. Informed decision making, understanding the roles and responsibilities of key staff, clear communication - visual, verbal and via radios, and effective reporting are all extremely important - making this course collection valuable for all responsible construction employers and businesses. Other non-technical skills required in the construction industry are covered in our Leadership and Management course collection, including listening skills, effective team working, and problem solving.
Health and Social Care Certificate Equivalents
These qualifications are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to care for others in a broad range of health or social care settings.
Compliance, Governance and the Law
These courses enable companies and their employees across sectors and industries to meet their legal obligations to protect the safety, health, welfare, reputation and privacy of customers, stakeholders, clients and the organisation itself. Failing to maintain the standards set by laws such as those established re data processing and security in the Data Protection Act 2018, or understanding the Protected Characteristics defined the Equality Act 2010, plus many more crucial pieces of legislation covered in this collection, can trigger both personal and company liabilities. Failing to comply with these and many other regulations can have devastating, yet avoidable, consequences. A robust training schedule and tracking process can protect against large fines, damage to reputation and other negative, longtail business impacts. LearningPlus is a specialist in compliance, governance and regulatory requirements - please see our Employers section via the toolbar above, or email us at [email protected].
Personal Health, Fitness and Wellbeing
Wellbeing is fundamental to our health and overall happiness. Having a strong and well-adapted sense of wellbeing can help us overcome difficulties and help us achieve our goals in life.
Maintaining Health and Safety at Work
Our Health and Safety qualifications cover the key areas that you are legally required to be trained in to keep the workplace safe.
With over 30 years’ experience, PeoplePlus has helped to support over 100,000 businesses set-up by delivering first class self-employment support and training. 80% of our customers are still trading into their second year, and 28% go on to employ 10 or more employees. More than 50% of new businesses fail in their first year. Many that do survive fail to make a profit in Year 1. There are many reasons for this - but with these courses a lack of training, support and access to accurate information needn't be one. Our self-employment courses can help. These courses feature a wealth of information, resources, and knowledge to support start-ups and small businesses. Each piece of content has been curated or created by experts in the self-employment industry. We have turned our articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, how-to guides, download-able content, and graphics into easy-to-navigate and practical e-learning material to suit every business sector.
Managing Online Security Risk
As incidents of data leaks, hacks and attacks hit the headlines from week to week, it has never been more crucial that organisations understand different types of data security risks. These accessible and engaging courses explain good practice that protects staff, stakeholders, and the public against the impact of those risks.
HR Toolkit
This comprehensive collection covers the functions of a professional Human Resources team. Providing a framework to build the knowledge and skills required to recruit, develop and retain talent, use these resources to make the most of your organisation's most valuable asset - the people.
Food and Drink Hospitality and Manufacturing
Covering all aspects of food safety and the legal requirements of planning to serve alcohol, this collection covers all the bases for hospitality, catering, food manufacturing and more.
Building and Nurturing Employability Skills
Whether getting a job for the first time or retaining the ability to move from role to role - these courses provide an overview of how to develop awareness of transferable skills, keep core competencies up to date and keep pace with opportunities available.
Cats and Dogs - their Nutrition, Welfare and First Aid
Whether safeguarding the welfare of your own pet, working with animals in business or community contexts, embarking on employment or study involving animal care, these courses have valuable knowledge and insight to share.